viernes, 7 de julio de 2017


Today we have tried Socrative to gamify tests. It randomly groups students participating in teams (anonimously) and generates races with score and competition.

A sample of the unicorn race.

We also tried individual quizzes which can show scores anonimously.

The sharing room feature is behind the "Pro" paywall.

BBC Stories and Great Big Stories

BBC Stories and Great Big Stories (by CNN) are Youtube channels featuring short videos on real matters with subtitles.

They can be downloaded through services such as Online Video Converter.

EdPuzzle: tools leading to the flipped classroom

EdPuzzle allows for opportunities to introduce content which can be done at home, leading to more practical sessions in the classroom.

It features a bank of already made activities, ranging from multiple choice to open questions, which can be easily adapted for your own needs.

Plickers: a twist on multiple choice questions

Plickers can put a spin on the use of multiple choice questions in the classroom. It allows teachers to easily scan and track the replies with their smartphone.

It features a set of cards which can be easily printed and used.

jueves, 6 de julio de 2017

VR in the classroom

We have been checking Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions. Cardboard frames are inexpensive and practical.

We have also practiced with Cardboard camera to create VR explanations. This is the test picture.

We also went to La Seu to talk about the landmarks in Manresa.

Together with Mònica Cuadras and Carmen Flores, we have devised a set of activities to exploit this resource:

miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Trying out Kahoot Jumble

The mode Kahoot Jumble allows users to generate strings of content which students have to order. It is easy to foresee its application for grammar and vocabulary purposes in the EFL classroom.

Moreover, it could be used for reading and listening comprehension, asking students to order events in a story, in historical contexts, in processes, etc.

The following test was done for the course:

Quizzes with AirConsole

We have been working with AirConsole Quizzes. AirConsole goes beyond its educational use, offering a range of ludic experiences for children and adults.

The Quiz section allows to generate specific quizzes (Kahoot style). Users can access via the specific app or their browser, and it works in a very similar way to Kahoot.

This is the test quiz created for the course:

Upon testing, as a teacher I think it's more convenient and straight-forward for students to access the quizzes via browser, as playing through the app requires users to log in and asks for several options to connect to Facebook and other social networks.

'Teacher', a poem by Alan Maley

As a preface of the ebook: Integrating global issues in the creative English language classroom by Nik Peachey and Alan Maley.


What do you do?
 I’m a teacher.

What do you teach? 

What do you teach them? 

You mean grammar, verbs, nouns, pronunciation, conjugation, articles and particles, negatives and interrogatives …? 
That too.

What do you mean, ‘that too’? 
Well, I also try to teach them how to think, and feel – show them inspiration, aspiration, cooperation, participation, consolation, innovation,
… help them think about globalization, exploitation, confrontation, incarceration, discrimination, degradation, subjugation,
…how inequality brings poverty, how intolerance brings violence, how need is denied by greed, how –isms become prisons, how thinking and feeling can bring about healing.

Well I don’t know about that. Maybe you should stick to language, forget about anguish. You can’t change the world. 
But if I did that, I’d be a cheater, not a teacher.

Alan Maley

Private Learning Networks (PLN) and Twitter

Today we have been working with Twitter, getting familiar with its application to EdTech and following interesting people, encouraging networking.

The group has used the hashtag #spiceup2017.

These are some of the tweets and replies of the training.

martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Infographic: 10 reasons why teachers should encourage ICT

By Mònica Cuadras & Miquel Àngel Fuentes

Creating infographs

We have approached a set of tools to create infographs in order to deliver information in a more visually appealing manner.

Piktochart (

Augmented reality: Blippar

We have been working with different triggers for Blippar. These triggers not only contain 3D models but also provide extra content such as descriptions, labeling activities, 360º pictures, etc.

Our teacher trainer, Abel,  provided a shortcut to the materials on the website (

Augmented reality: Elements 4D

Resultado de imagen de daqri elements 4d

In order to introduce Augmented reality, we have checked a video by Common Craft.

Daqri offers a set of augmented reality activities (with adaptable lesson plans!):

Together with Núria Samsó, Mònica Carrasco and Mònica Quadras, we started designing a Primary Education lesson plan that included the implementation of the Elements 4D materials.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy


blooms taxonomy verbs

lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Listening resources

Today we went through a set of free listening resources online which are worth checking.

10 Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator


Today we have worked with an article by George Couros.

The pre-reading activity, through which we had to infer the skills by looking at the icons, was attention-grabbing and motivational. Certainly the kind of activity worth doing with students!!

In my opinion, one of the highlights of the article is that it reminds you not only to focus on the use of technologies but also to connect with students at an emotional level, an area often underdeveloped due to our personality, lack of training and set of priorities.

Second Season! Trying Bitmoji

Today we have tried out how to apply Bitmoji for classroom purposes. As avatars provide a great amount of customization opportunities, finding appropriate images to convey emotions linked to classroom management and talk is easy and motivational.

The source of the idea traces back to Rosa Liarte's blog, which is one to look forward to as well!