viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

A virtual exchange project


· To get in touch with a contact that your teacher will provide to learn about him/her, his/her culture and his/her everyday life.
· To get students to use English in a real, meaningful context.

TASK 1 (individual)

The students creates a short video presentation introducing himself/herself using MailVU and send it to his/her e-pal.

TASK 2 (in pairs)

The students create a poster about their schools using PosterMyWall and share it with their e-pals.

TASK 3 (in groups of 4)

The students create a set of 4 images with audio using Fotobabble explaining some of the most relevant landmarks of their town.

TASK 4 (individual)

The students write a blog post through Blogger explaining their experience, how they felt and what they found the most interesting of the virtual exchange.

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